Andis announces HJ Afro Barber and Barber of the Year

Emmett Williams has been crowned HJ Afro Barber of the Year and Harry Rushton as HJ Barber of the Year at  Salon International. Finalists in the Andis-sponsored competition performed while industry icons Andis European Lead Educator Baldy, Andis Educator Leah Hayden Cassidy, Andis Global Education Manager Jessica Zeinstra, barbering legend Tom Chapman and HJMen editor Charlotte Grant-West, scrutinised their work.

Andis education manager, Jessica Zeinstra said: “As a manufacturer of world-class tools we look for precision cutting, clean lines and perfection in the final cut. Emmett and Harry are exceptional talents and deserving winners of these highly reputable awards and, as a proud sponsor, we’re delighted to offer our congratulations.” IG @harryrushton_hair FB @headlinebarber IG @headlinebarbers