Andis and GBBA partner on education

Andis has teamed up with the Great British Barbering Academy to be sole provider of clippers, trimmers and accessories on GBBA’s training courses. From January 2018, GBBA educators will deliver courses using Andis tools exclusively, as well as opting for Andis at events and trade shows.

The GBBA, co-created by founder of the British Barbers’ Association Mike Taylor and The Bluebeards Revenge brand, will also present two exclusive VTCT-approved Andis courses. The courses, ‘The Andis Clipper and Beard Day,’ and ‘The Andis and The Bluebeards Revenge Advanced Barbering – Fades & Blades,’ will be delivered by a team of six GBBA’s educators dedicated to teaching Andis courses.

“The quality of tools is essential to execute cuts, fades and patterns with technical precision and accuracy,” said Mike Taylor. “Andis creates innovative world-class products and we felt there was no better brand to complement the quality of our training and the standards we want barbers to reach.”