Andis UK appoints Baldy to Lead Educator role

Andis is supporting their growing UK business with a network of educators across the UK and Europe and has appointed Baldy of Baldy’s Barbers in Aylesbury as Lead Educator. Baldy has been working with the Andis brand for three years and has delivered stage education and seminars across the UK plus visits to the USA and Russia. Jessica Zeinstra Rosen, International Education Manager for Andis says “As Andis continues to put focus on growing our international reach we need to ensure the proper infrastructure is in place to support the demand. We needed to appoint a leader to help bridge the gap between the US and UK and in doing so, our team is now poised and ready to take on growing demand.  Anyone who has spent time with Baldy knows he has a calm and precise approach with a good amount of humor that has become an asset to our team. He instinctively looks out for those around him and has been mentoring up-and-coming barbers for years. He’s incredibly talented with a keen eye for design and isn’t afraid to push the envelope. He is also very humble which is something we look for in all of our educators. All of these qualities combined is why we chose to appoint Baldy as our Andis UK Lead Educator!”

Baldy will assist in the development of the Education Team and identify new opportunities for the Andis brand. You can find Baldy on insta and twitter @baldysbarbers