Barbering Professional Apprenticeship Gets Funding Boost

Barbering Professional Apprenticeship Gets Funding Boost

The Hairdressing Professional and Barbering Apprenticeship Standards at Level 2 have finally been approved by the Secretary of State for delivery by the Institute of Apprenticeships, with a substantial increase in the funding band which will help restore apprenticeships.

The original Hair Professional Apprenticeship Standard, which covered both hairdressing and barbering as optional pathways, has now been split into two Apprenticeship Standards:

The Hairdressing Professional at Level 2 has been given a revised funding (band 14) of £11,000 – an increase of £4,000 per apprentice – and the Barbering Professional at Level 2 has been given a revised funding (band 12) of £9,000 – an increase of £2,000 per apprentice.

The Hair Professional Apprenticeship Steering (Trailblazer Employers) Group have provided an enormous amount of evidence and given their time to ensure the revised Standard, and funding band, reflects the breadth of learning and professionalism within our industries.

The revised Standard represents a further raising of the bar from the 2016 Standard. New content has been included to reflect today’s hair salons and barbershops, including: Employee Rights and Responsibilities, Hairdressing/Barbershop Culture, History, Industry Codes of Conduct, Best Practice, Infection Control, Ethics, Social Media, Hair Types and Classification, and Maintaining the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Self and Clients.

What The Industry Had To Say…

Caroline Larissey, NHBF Director of Quality and Standards, said: “The previous reduction in funding had a hugely detrimental impact on our industry. This new increase is a huge leap forward for our sector help to address the huge skills shortages we are facing. After two years of battling – and I mean battling – on every single point to help Government officials understand and value our creative industries, I am so pleased that we have been able to secure a funding band that truly reflects the breadth and depth of training required for  for our industry.

The NHBF has been supporting the Hair Professional Steering Group every step of the way. The revised funding band will enable training providers and employers to attract the right talent into our sector, which will positively impact skills development, quality of service and the ability for individuals from all communities across the UK to enjoy a fulfilling career in our wonderful sector.”

Wendy Cummins, from Quiffys Eastleigh, said: “As the Trailblazer Chair for the Hair Professional Apprenticeship Steering Group, I am pleased and delighted to announce the new funding band that has been awarded for our apprenticeships, which are £11,000 for the Professional Hairdressing Standard, and £9,000 for Barbering.  After a tough few years for our industries this will give us a much needed boost. My thanks to all of the Trailblazers, working groups and all parties involved.”

Andrew Collinge, from Collinge & Co, added: “As an employer and training provider, we are pleased and relieved to see the level of funding has been increased for the training of Hairdressing Apprentices. Five years ago there was a significant cut to funding imposed on our sector, which has had a devastating effect, sadly resulting in a number training providers having to close. With this new funding band now in place we can look to invest in resources, deliver quality training and ensure our apprentices succeed in the art of hairdressing and develop a skill for life.”

Mandy Lodge–Stewart, NHBF President and Hair Professional Apprenticeship Steering Group member, also added: “This is a step in the right direction, and it is great to see that the Government are starting to recognise the contribution our sector makes to GDP and local communities. The new funding bands will have a huge impact on the sector, by supporting training providers and employers to raise both the quality and standard of what we do. “

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