Resources for Barbers Struggling With Their Mental Health

Published 15th May 2023 by Josie Jackson

We’ve been through a lot as an industry the past couple of years, and unfortunately that means barbers struggling with their mental health has become all the more common. For Modern Barber's Mental Health Awareness Week, we thought it was an important time to check in with the community and help out those who may be struggling, by assembling a number of resources and contacts for barbers to use in these particularly challenging times. These will be broken down into immediate and long-term actions. We hope these help you in any small way.

We also wanted to share a quote from Louise Wood, a practising integrative counsellor (BA Hons Counselling, BACP member) as well as the Managing Director for LWPR:

“We all have anxiety- it’s what keeps us safe when crossing the road, or turning off the electricity before you pull a plug out of the wall. These things are helpful fears and are adapted into everyday life. When anxiety spirals, which it can at times of extremity, is when it is worth taking stock.”

Resources for more immediate mental health issues:

If you are struggling with intense, negative emotions, it is important you reach out to someone who can help. This could be a family member, friend, partner or colleague.

As important as the above step is, this may not always be the final solution- the person you try to reach out to could be unavailable, or you may feel uncomfortable sharing this information, or perhaps you may need further help following this. If so, consider getting in contact with the below:

Samaritans – offering confidential support for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair. You can contact Samaritans by clicking the link or calling 116 123 (free 24-hour helpline).

Calm – CALM (or Campaign Against Living Miserably) is a charity that provides a mental health helpline and webchat. You can contact Calm by clicking the link or calling 0800 58 58 58 (daily, 5pm to midnight). Alternatively, you can download their free app for access to meditation, breathing exercises and sleep-aid stories.

No Panic – A voluntary charity offering support for sufferers of panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) that offers courses to help overcome your phobia or OCD. You can contact No Panic by clicking the link or calling 0300 772 9844 (daily, 10am to 10pm). Calls cost 5p per minute plus your phone provider’s Access Charge.


Resources for coping long-term with mental health issues:

Often, struggles with mental health can be less immediate and instead manifest over a prolonged amount of time. Below, we have linked out to a few places you can read up on specific techniques and strategies.

Psychology Tools – As noted by Louise, “Psychology Tools gives practical aids and advice particularly in relation to anxiety.” However, the website offers free, downloadable self-help guides for a range of mental health struggles.

MIND – MIND provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

Modern Barber: Here at Modern Barber, we have also attempted to regularly publish helpful content for those who may be struggling. You can keep up to date with all of our tailored content from Modern Barber's Mental Health Week by checking out the full schedule here.

How to monitor your mental health in times of crisis:

As well as helping out with assembling these resources, we asked Louise for her counselling expertise in dealing with these times of internal struggle. Below, she outlines why you may be having a particularly hard time, and how you can keep track of your mental health.

Louise believes strongly in finding a balance for well-being, outlining three key variables:

  1. Pleasure – getting in touch with the things that bring you joy.
  2. Achievement – this can range from getting up and dressed to a challenging exercise routine; however small, overcoming a challenge is incredibly beneficial.
  3. Closeness/connection – humans are born for connection, so interact with friends and family as much as possible.

If you're looking for more mental health resources for barbers, then our Mental Health Awareness Week schedule is a great place to start.


Josie Jackson

Josie Jackson

Published 15th May 2023

Josie supports the team with content for the print magazine, website and social media channels at HJ. Having grown up in a salon environment (thanks to her hairdresser mum) and even working as a Saturday girl before getting her degree in English Literature, Josie feels right at home in the industry. Although she’s experimented with a few creative colour looks in the past, she always comes back to blonde, and loves all things hydrating and bond building.

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