Welcome to Modern Barber’s Mental Health Awareness Week: The Official Schedule

Modern Barber Mental Health Awareness Week

Modern Barber’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, which coincides with the UK’s National Mental Health Awareness Week, is taking place from Monday 15 May to Friday 19 May to help encourage the open discussion and acknowledgement of mental health.

Throughout the week, we’ll be offering content which will help those in the industry who may be struggling with mental health issues, and also sharing guidance on how you can support your clients. This will cover extensive guides for yourself and your team to aid periods of personal challenge, as well as expert hints and tips to provide you with the tools you need.

Modern Barber’s Mental Health Awareness Week Schedule

Check out the schedule below, updated with links daily:


Monday 15 May

From Barbers to Barbers: Why Your Mental Health is Important

Resources for Barbers Struggling With Their Mental Health

Tuesday 16 May

Barber Transforms Business to Offer Mental Health Support

5 Ways Nature Can Help Improve A Barber’s Mental Wellbeing

How Mental Health First Aiders Can Play a Role in Barbershops

Wednesday 17 May

Award Winning Advice: How Barbering Can Make A Positive Difference

Dealing with A Lack of Confidence As A Barber

Thursday 18 May

How to Help with Anxiety and Other Mental Health Issues in Apprentices

Top Tips To A Happier Barbershop Team

Friday 19 May

The Lion Pride: Tom Chapman On Paving The Way For Mental Health Awareness

 7 Ways To Strike A Better Work Life Balance As A Barber