Barbers Take a Stand: Empowering Men’s Health Through Barbers Against Prostate Cancer

Barbers Against Prostate Cancer

Mark Rayment, a respected figure in the UK’s barbering and hairdressing industry, has taken the step to address a critical health issue that will face many men and those with a prostate with the launch of ‘Barbers Against Prostate Cancer’.

His journey with the disease has fuelled his mission to transform barbershops into crucial hubs of prostate cancer awareness.

In September 2022, Mark was unexpectedly diagnosed with prostate cancer despite displaying no prior symptoms. “It was only by chance that I had been reading about PSA blood tests (prostate-specific antigen) and prostate cancer that made me ask my doctor for one,” says Mark.

And this is the problem that will face those with a prostate. Many men will not even know that they have prostate cancer as there are very few signs, and sadly, in many cases, by the time they find out, it will be too late to treat the cancer.

After being diagnosed in October 2022, Mark underwent a prostatectomy and embarked on a recovery journey while still living with prostate cancer and the effects of the operation. Mark’s first-hand encounter with prostate cancer motivated him to establish ‘Barbers Against Prostate Cancer’.

Drawing on his years of experience in the barbering and hairdressing industry, he recognised the untapped potential of these community spaces as platforms for vital information dissemination.

“At Barbers Against Prostate Cancer, we envision a united front of barbers and hairdressers across the UK and eventually worldwide, armed with the knowledge to educate clients, particularly those aged 45 and above,” Mark says. “Early detection and informed action are the cornerstones of saving lives.”

Prostate cancer accounts for approximately 12,000 annual deaths, which means that one in four Black men and one in eight white men will encounter prostate cancer in their lifetime. ‘Barbers Against Prostate Cancer’ window decal, mirror stickers and leaflets all have QR codes that enable clients to scan and take a 30-second risk check.

Mark comments: “This is why I want to encourage barbers and hairdressers to get involved, as displaying the window decals and mirror stickers will help raise awareness and encourage those with a prostate that have concerns about the importance of taking action to have either a PSA blood test or an MRI scan to determine if they have prostate cancer.”

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Let’s raise awareness and “stand united against prostate cancer one haircut at a time.”

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