Best and Worst Men’s Hairstyles for Cowlicks

men's cowlicks

Cowlick is a word that gets used fairly often in regards to hair, but do you understand what it actually means? In this article we break down how a cowlick affects the hair, and discuss the best and worst men’s hairstyles for clients who have cowlicks…

“A cowlick is a strong swooping pattern in the hair, usually found in the hairline at the front of your head, that causes hair to pop up in various directions,” explains Lynndy Rolfe, International Educator for Andis Clippers. In fact, the swirled, swooping pattern created in the hair often looks like the hair on a calf after they have been licked by their mother, which is where the name comes from. “They’re most noticeable in straight to wavy hair types and tend to compromise styling options,” adds Lynndy. So what are the best hairstyles for clients with cowlicks?

Best Men’s Hairstyles for Cowlicks

Luke Dolan tells us the key to embracing cowlicks is showing clients how to use them to their advantage: “Slicked side parts and brushed-back pompadours can actually benefit from a strong cowlick.” For the client who wishes to disguise their cowlick, Lynndy advises two options: “A more relaxed, ruffled cut could work, while a buzzcut is also perfect.”

Worst Men’s Hairstyles for Cowlicks

Meanwhile, when it comes cutting your client’s hair, Anthony Leronimou, founder of HUSLRS Barbershop, recommends staying away from crops if your client has a cow lick on their hairline, as this can make it hard to maintain a straight fringe.

However, if your client isn’t a fan of slicked-back styles or sleek crops, then Lynndy suggests using strong-hold products to tease the hair and create a more undone look, so the cowlick blends in. Anthony expands on this, saying: “I advise clients to wet their cowlick as an easy way to tame it. Running a wet brush or comb through the cowlick a couple of times and using a blow dryer to set it makes it easier to style the hair in the direction you want. A strong hold product is also worth investing in to help weigh down the stubborn hair.”

While working with cowlicks is a frequent cause of concern for some clients, thinning hair is another problem area, with many not knowing how to tackle this change in their hair growth. Check out our article on styling tips for clients with thinning hair.