Menspire & Friends: Josh Lamonaca Hosts New Series of Events with Kevin Luchmun

Published 31st Jan 2024 by Chloe Weldon
Barbers from across Europe and the UK descended on the Menspire Academy in St Albans on Sunday 21 January, for a special evening of barbering inspiration from two of the biggest names in the industry. The evening was the first of a new series of events, Menspire & Friends, with Menspire Co-Founder Josh Lamonaca taking the stage with award-winning barber and photographer, Kevin Luchmun.

“We want to give you an insight into something different and delve into the worlds of session and photographic work. It’s about sharing our knowledge and experiences – people think we’re rivals but we’re not. Collaborations are important to share knowledge, wisdom, and success,” Josh explained.

Menspire & FriendsThe interactive evening began with the pair talking about photoshoots and how to capture hair for competitions and social media, taking into account lighting and poses, as well as hairstyles. “When it comes to styling the hair for a photo, we often struggle. The haircut is great, but we need to think how we can achieve the natural look with lighter products, diffusers, and technology. When you’re working on a shoot, don’t always have just one look in mind. What you see with your eyes is different when you capture it at another angle. A hybrid feeling can make all the difference with an image for social or a collection,” Kevin explained, as he got behind the camera to capture the models live.

Josh and Kevin also worked on two textured looks in front of the audience breaking down the techniques, the tools they used, and the styling finishes for the barbers to take back to their business. “The only way our industry will move forward is if we work together; there’s no nation, no race, no gender – we are one.”

The next Menspire & Friends will take place on 31 March with Alan Beak and Josh Lamonaca. Find out more here.
Chloe Weldon

Chloe Weldon

Published 31st Jan 2024

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