Bond’s Barbershop: Lease the chair, release the cash

You want the best for your shop and for your business to flourish, but you also need available cash for rent, stock, training and other expenses. Equipment leasing can be an effective way to access the furnishings  that will complete your shop and is a more tax efficient way to manage your assets. Barbershop owners looking for a complete renovation can take advantage of a range of flexible purchasing options across the Takara Belmont range.

Mike Taylor, founder of Bond’s Barbershop and barber of 27 years says: “Leasing has enabled me to conserve my cash flow and budget effectively, knowing I can spread the cost over a period of time to ensure I can afford to kit my barbershop with the best barber chairs in the business.” His chair of choice, the Takara Belmont Apollo 2, is an iconic stalwart of the barber industry that has captured the imagination of barbers. Customisable, it features 360° lockable rotation with a synchronised reclining backrest and a raising footrest. Japanese heat pressed or stitch sewn upholstery combined with its cast-iron metalwork gives it real edge. “The best part about leasing is that it allows you to stay up to date with the latest advances in equipment and technology innovation to ensure you are at the cutting edge of your industry,” says Mike.