Denman Helps Vulnerable Children in Ethiopia by Providing Tools

denman children ethiopia

Denman has provided tools and brushes to help vulnerable and poverty-stricken children in Ethiopia through the charity, Hope365.

Hope365 is a wonderful charity which rescues and empowers vulnerable boys and girls living on the street in the large town of Shashemene, Ethiopia. The Northern Irish charity has been transforming the lives of children by offering them group homes, school education and critical support. It was recently gifted Denman brushes for the children and babies in its care and Denman will be offering ongoing gifts as and when required.

Michael Holmes, Chief Executive of Hope365, comments: “It’s hard for us to imagine the level of poverty that these children experience. In most cases, if they have one set of clothes, that is as good as it gets. These children would never have the opportunity to own their own quality hairbrush and yet they take such pride in how they present themselves. We are very grateful for all the various brushes and combs that Denman has donated to the children in Ethiopia.”

The charity’s most recent commitment is to establish the Hope365 Academy; created to offer education for almost 400 of the most vulnerable children and provide them with not only a good education, but also a nutritious breakfast and school dinner. The entrance criteria for the free school is that all pupils are either partially or fully orphaned or come from one of the poorest families in the town.

Denman often seeks ways to support charities and donate to good causes, you can find out more here.