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Edinburgh barber trading haircuts for ‘anything but money’ in new barber barter scheme

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Stag Barber Co in Edinburgh are trading haircuts for ‘anything except money’ as part of a new project called Barter Barber.

With their new ‘bartering for barbering’ scheme they have learned how to unicycle in Poland, were taught to ski in Austria and went wolf trekking in Norway.

Founder of Stag Barbers’, Murray McRae, started trading trims for shared experiences while travelling the world.

The idea started when he visited Berlin, but he and his team have ended up all over the place. He explained: “We learned how to unicycle in Poland, were taught to ski in Austria and went wolf trekking in Norway’, all in exchange for haircuts.”

Stag wrote on Instagram: “We met and stayed with some truly amazing people and shared some really unforgettable experiences with them. But what really stuck with us was this idea of value. What is something really worth when not defined by money?

“There are so many unique, precious qualities that a person can bring to the table, sometimes so much more than their hourly or yearly wage.

“We occasionally do this informally at Stag, trading haircuts for a plumbing repair or a piece of art, but now we want to open this to everyone to get involved.

“So, starting from next week we’re introducing Barter Barber to Stag in Edinburgh – the idea is that you can offer to pay for your haircut with anything except money. Murray will be keeping aside appointments each month for barters only.”

Would you do a Barber Barter scheme in your barbershop?


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