Fast Track Your Salon Upgrade With Takara Belmont!

We all know that patience is a virtue, and that real quality takes time. This is why Takara Belmont products are rarely available ‘off the shelf’. Each is crafted to the highest possible standards of quality and precision, with many products individually customised to the client’s own specification. And the reward for your patience? Products that endure to deliver decades of timeless style, uninterrupted performance and lasting comfort.

Go from ‘How-to-WOW’ with FREE Salon Design and fast delivery*

The same is true of salon design. Achieving a look, feel and ambience that’s distinctive and a true reflection of your unique brand and service approach, means understanding your vision, your clients and your space – and how to bring all these elements together to create the perfect salon.

That’s what Takara Belmont does best, and it’s why now is a great time to upgrade your barbershop. As you continue to recover from two years of uncertainty, with clients in search of something new and exciting giving you the perfect opportunity to redefine who you are, why not take advantage of their FREE* Salon Design service? Explore new horizons, set new goals and give your business a real boost by reimagining your space and how you deliver services to increase their value, enhance every service experience, and maximise profits.

Act now to start your upgrade!

What’s even more exciting is that a wide range of Takara Belmont’s most popular chairs and equipment are in-stock and available. Why not refine every grooming service with the legendary Apollo 2 grooming chair or vintage inspired Legacy 95? Both are available in as little as 4 weeks from order!!

Lease is more!

Not only can you transform the look and feel of your interior and upscale every service with world-class equipment, spreading the cost with lease purchase options make every product affordable and tax efficient.

Takara Belmont. Love it. Lease it. Own it.

Discover more at click for Salon Design and visit to learn more about the benefits of leasing.

Items stated are available in 4 weeks from order and receipt of payment. Only available in standard colours and specification while stocks last. Salon Design service is FREE subject to T&Cs. See website for details.