Hard Grind team sign up with scissor sponsor

Hard Grind in Scotland has two big busy shops, putting a lot of hair on the floor for their devoted customers. It’s a seriously buzzing place and so it made sense for owner Colin Petrie to sign-up for some serious scissor support with Matakki. As scissor sponsor for Hard Grind, Matakki joins an exclusive group of Hard Grind collaborators that include Brew Dog and Rockstar Energy drinks.

Colin Petrie says “To me, business has always been about people. I wanted to create something special and develop opportunities to work with people that inspire me both in and out of the shop. Those with vision, that hold the same morals and work ethic. It doesn’t matter if they can advance my business or make me money. That’s completely irrelevant. Business should be about the relationships and memories you make along the way and that’s exactly why we are honored to be working with Matakki. It’s refreshing to work with a company with a vision that goes so much deeper than just making the best products on the market. We are insanely proud and excited about the journey ahead with Matakki.”

James Curd, Matakki founder says “Colin and the Hard Grind teams’ collaboration with us presents an opportunity for a meeting of creative minds with passion and vision to push the boundaries in the profession to achieve common goals. We are incredibly excited to work with Hard Grind and anticipate a long and supportive relationship with them.”