Have you Seen Tom Chapman’s Documentary ‘The £1.7 Million Haircut’?

Lions Barber Collective £1.7 Million Haircut

Founder of The Lions Barber Collective, Tom Chapman announced a new documentary, titled The £1.7 Million Haircut.

The film tells a story about a huge global issue – men believing that they can’t talk about their mental health and feeling that there is no way out other than to take their own lives. It’s the story about one man’s mission to change this and to saves lives, one haircut at a time.

Following the death of his friend Alex, Torquay-based barber Tom Chapman founded the charity The Lions Barber Collective with the mission to create non-clinical, non-judgemental safe spaces where men feel comfortable to talk about their mental health and now he his bringing the conversation to the big screen.

The staggering fact is that someone in the UK takes their own life every 120 minutes, 75% of them being men so the need for change is more crucial than ever. ‘The £1.7 Million Haircut’ follows Tom taking the challenge head on, to break down the stigma around men discussing their mental health.

Tom Chapman says, “The economic impact per suicide is something I had not really considered before, loss of earning, loss of employment, inquests into the death, it amounts to so much more than we could ever imagine. It now makes what we are doing as a charity even more important, to save lives and make a difference to families out there who have been subject to such tragedy. I am now making it my mission to create a world free from suicide, how could we ask for anything less?”

Here at Modern Barber, we believe Tom’s actions demonstrate that when we stand accountable for the ways in which we can support people then we can ALWAYS make a difference. This film shows just how powerfully positive a barber’s job can be.

The screening will take place on Monday 12 September 6.30-8pm at Ducie Street Warehouse, Manchester, and will be followed by a Q&A with Tom Chapman himself interviewed by Mike McCarthy, a suicide bereaved Dad, suicide prevention campaigner, Co-Founder of the Baton of Hope UK and former Sky News and BBC presenter/reporter.

You can view the trailer below.