How One Barbershop Optimised its Booking System

How One Barbershop Optimised its Booking System

Between your team’s and your clients’ busy schedules, un-bookable gaps in your calendar can be a serious burden. Abbi Caraccio, who co-owns Khaos Barbering, Meraki Hair and Asteria Wellbeing with her husband Warren in Debenham, has experienced that first-hand, and now shares the easy way they were able to utilise their booking system to eliminate awkward calendar gaps in their barbershop.

“Time was always being wasted and staff members were standing around with nothing to do, and that was frustrating for us and them,” she says. “If appointments were too staggered, you’d end up with too much time or not enough, which can make a day very stressful.”

Luckily, Abbi and Warren use Fresha to manage their business, and they were early adopters of the latest feature from the #1 booking platform: a new calendar optimisation tool that helps barbershops reduce gaps in their schedules and maximise every day’s value.

If you’re already using Fresha, switch on online booking optimisation in your settings to get rid of those calendar gaps. You can select ‘Reduce calendar gaps’ which shows availability based on how long a service will take, but prevents booking at awkward times. Or, you can select ‘Eliminate calendar gaps’ and clients will only see slots before and after existing appointments and blocked time.

Both options will lead to back-to-back appointments, and you can switch between them any time. You can even turn off your booking optimisation when you want clients to see as many slots as possible. That’s great for off-peak seasons, or if you’ve just opened a venue and want to attract as many bookings as possible.

“We switched it on around five weeks ago, and it’s already made a massive difference,” says Abbi of the new Fresha feature. “We now have back-to-back booking all streamlined, which means we’re making more money and we can fit more clients in.”

For Abbi and Warren, and every other Fresha partner, this is just the latest improvement to the management software that helps barbershop owners and staff shift focus to the things that matter most, like client care.

Sign up to Fresha now to learn more about optimising your calendar and join the 100,000 other businesses around the world making the most of the all-in-one platform.

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