How To Cut A Classic Low Fade

We joined BaByliss PRO Ambassador, Pete Cranfield, at The Social to find out how to cut a classic low fade.

Pete’s Tools

  • BaByliss PRO Super Motor Clipper

  • BaByliss PRO Super Motor Skeleton Trimmer

  • BaByliss PRO Italia BRAVA dryer


Follow the six steps below to learn how to cut a classic low fade:

  1. Assess your model’s shape and any growth patterns, and use your clipper to put in a guideline with a No.2 clipper guard.
  2. Next, use a trimmer with an exposed blade for visibility (I use the BaByliss PRO Skeleton Trimmer) to create a skin guideline to define where the shortest area of the fade will be.
  3. Using your clipper again, remove the skin guide line and fade the hair from the No.2 area into the skin area.

  4. Use your scissors to remove bulk and add texture to the top of the hair. Blend the transition from the No.2 area in the top of the head using a classic scissor-over-comb technique.

  5. While you’re drying the hair, add some texture spray to pre-style. You can go back into the cut and remove any more unwanted weight or add more texture if you need to. To style, add some light fiber paste to finish off the look, this will define the texture in the haircut and smooth any flyaway hairs.

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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with BaBylissPRO.