Important male grooming moments in black culture

male grooming black culture
From the Afro sponge to flattops, MB spoke to NewFade founders Moses, Joey and Cyril to get their take on important male grooming moments, barbering products and men’s hair icons in black culture.
Which decade do you think has seen the biggest changes in the Afro male grooming market and why? 
In our opinion, the 1990s has been the most important decade because of the rapid rise of hip hop. The genre brought the barbershop to the forefront of black culture as the music genre spread around the world.
What’s a vintage look that you think deserves another chance in 2020?
The flat high top definitely deserves a comeback.
Is there a product launch that has revolutionised the black male grooming market?
The Afro sponge – it’s changed the way a whole generation of young men have styled their hair. (For the uninitiated: the Afro sponge gives amazing definition to short, curly hair. Type 3 and type 4 hair types can achieve defined twists, curls, and coils, and even start dreads, using the Afro sponge.)
Who are your Afro hair icons? 
For us personally it’s all about that sleek finish so Drake, Michael B. Jordan and even Tion Wayne are definitely people we draw inspiration from because of their hair. But Colin Kaepernick is definitely holding the crown for the best Afro of our generation.
What products that are great for Afro hair and why should barbers stock them in their barbershops?
Afro sponge and a Bevel blade.
What public figures in the hair industry do you look to for inspiration? 
Definitely people like Charlotte Mensah, Mark Maciver (Slidercuts) and 5ive. We’re seeing films such as Self Made being produced centuries down the line about US pioneers but it would be amazing to see something similar done for pioneers within the UK’s black hair industry.
October is Black History Month, but what can the barbering industry do to celebrate and ensure that black hair history is celebrated all year round?
Educate audiences by promoting the pioneers of the black hair industry through social media campaigns. 
Image credit: New Fade

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