Improving Customer Experience for Disabled Clients

Improving Customer Experience for Disabled Clients

Purple Tuesday is a global initiative which aims to inspire organisations from all sectors to foster awareness, deepen their understanding,  enhance accessibility and improve the customer experience for disabled clients. Modern Barber had a chat with Craig Henderson, owner of Craig’s Barber Shop and supporter of Purple Tuesday, to find out more…

Can you explain why Purple Tuesday is so important?

The spending power of disabled people and their households worldwide is currently estimated to be worth £6 trillion, increasing by 14% per annum, yet only 10% of businesses have a targeted strategy for this huge market, while 75% of disabled people and their families have walked away from a business because of poor accessibility or customer service.

It’s also worthwhile remembering that 80% of disabilities are invisible, which is why it’s crucial to always give your best customer service and not neglect accessibility.

You’re a supporter of Purple Tuesday. Can you tell us a bit more about the work you are doing in your community?

I help to serve my community where I can; I spend a lot of time helping adults and children with additional needs de-sensitise to the experience of a haircut by various methods. I also visit care homes and community centres to help vulnerable people, which is something that all hair professionals can get involved with.

What more can business owners and hair professionals do to improve their customer service for disabled clients?

• Make sure your shop is accessible for wheelchair users, and if not, invest in a folding ramp
• Introduce quiet times in your shop for clients who struggle with autism, anxiety, and many more disabilities
• Have your staff learn sign language
• Have picture communication cards to help with consulting for services
• Have a digital audit of your site to make it more accessible
• Commit to a physical audit of your salon to make it more accessible
• Implement the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme
• Adapt to all your client’s needs – we can cut hair anywhere
• Make your bathroom as accessible as possible
• Sign up for disability awareness training

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