Make Your Phone The Sharpest Tool in Your Shop With Fresha

Published 08th Jun 2023 by Chloe Weldon

Managing appointments can often feel like a high-stake juggling act. Double bookings, no-shows and reschedules are all part of the daily grind. This is where Fresha steps in, turning booking pains into smooth sailing with its game-changing appointment management solution tailored for barbers.

Designed with the unique needs of barbers in mind, Fresha’s online booking system brings appointment management into the digital age. Accessible 24/7 from any device, it presents a streamlined view of your day-to-day schedule, eliminating the chances of overbooking or missed appointments. Clients can book at their convenience, improving their experience and reducing cancellations.

“Before we had the Fresha appointment system, you could come into one of our shops on a Saturday and there would be 40, 50 people waiting. Now, 80% of our customers book online. That’s just perfect for our clients. Fresha completely transformed our business.”

Darran Gould, Gould Barbers

Fresha’s platform helps manage peak and off-peak hours efficiently, providing barbers with the flexibility to modify service durations and prices based on demand. You get optimal chair use, maximise revenue during high-demand periods, and still attract clients during slower times with discounted rates.

Fresha also offers automated reminders, ensuring both barbers and clients never miss an appointment again. The system sends timely notifications to clients, significantly reducing no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Coupled with real-time updates, everyone is kept in the loop, creating a smoother, more efficient booking process.

“Fresha makes it a lot easier for us. People get to book in their own time via the app.”

Louis Welsh, Gents of Brooklyn

Fresha transforms appointment management into a breeze, allowing barbers to focus on their craft rather than admin. The innovative platform allows barbers to elevate their service, enhance efficiency in their business, and bring a sense of calm to their day-to-day operations. Fresha is more than a tool; it’s a partner for the modern barber, ensuring a seamless, stress-free, and efficient approach to appointment management.

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Chloe Weldon

Chloe Weldon

Published 08th Jun 2023

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