Modern Barber Trend Report: Autumn 2023

Modern Barber Trend Report: Autumn 2023

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are falling, and new hair trends for autumn are incoming… which begs the question, which styles have your clients been requesting, and which have you yourself been loving? Are you expanding your services, or employing new staff? Modern Barber asked all this and more in its Autumn 2023 Trend Survey, and you can check out the full results below…

Have your clients been…

  • Embracing longer styles – 63%
  • Keeping it short – 37%


Are you getting requests for mullets?

  • Yes – 77%
  • No – 23%


Have you been getting requests for burst fades?

  • Yes – 59%
  • No – 41%

@natdrake_barber shared how she’s seen a lot more requests for burst fades in recent months, estimating as increase of around 60%

@jackalsbarberhouse commented that they’ve been getting more specific requests for burst fades into a mullet.


Which do you get more requests for?

  • Skin fades – 55%
  • Taper fades  – 35%
  • Burst fades – 10%


Do you offer colour services?

  • Yes – 32%
  • No – 59%
  • No, but I’ve been considering it – 9%

When wanted to find out why some of you aren’t keen on offering colour services, and you said...

@flow__salon: I’m allergic

@fl.tha.barber: Not enough time

Modern Barber previously spoke to individuals who do offer colour services as part of their business, and here they shared why they think others should, too…


Do you get requests for freestyle designs? 

  • Yes, a lot – 17%
  • Yes, a few – 38%
  • No – 45%


Do you employ apprentices?

  • Yes – 38%
  • No – 62%


Do you have a dedicated social media manager? 

  • Yes – 19%
  • No (It’s managed by myself or a team member) – 81%

We said that we wanted to hear more about your reasoning, and you said…

@alexxscot: We enjoy that part but wish we had more time for it

@jacked_visuals: Having a social media manager was too expensive for what little gains we received


Do you offer any scalp services or treatments?

  • Yes – 12%
  • No – 69%
  • No, but i’ve been thinking about it – 19%

You might want to check out – Barbers and scalp psoriasis – what’s the link?


If you’re interested in seeing how the industry’s trends have evolved over the past few months, why not check out our Summer Trend Report and compare the findings?

Feature image:
Left: @xperienciastudio and @emfibarber