Modern Barber Trend Report: Summer 2023

Modern Barber Trend Report

The days are getting longer, the temperature is getting higher, and summer hair trends are in full swing. But what have your clients actually been requesting this season? Are you team skin fade or taper fade? What do barbers actually think of online education? We’ve got all this and more in the Modern Barber Trend Report for Summer 2023 – just keep reading to find out what your Instagram responses revealed…


Have your clients been…

  • Embracing longer styles – 58%
  • Keeping it short – 42%


Are you getting requests for mullets?

  • Yes – 96%
  • No – 4%

When we asked what you think of the mullet…

@the_singing_barber_girl commented: “It’s lovely when it’s not too long.”

@ragandbonebarbershop predicted: “The bowl cut is next.”

@nathcuttingshapes said: “hell yeah, keep it weird.”

@dunnebarber shared: “Love it. So many possibilities and styles to be had with them.”


Which do you get more requests for?

  • Skin fades – 55%
  • Taper fades  – 45%


Do you offer colour services?

  • Yes – 36%
  • No – 49%
  • No, but I’ve been considering it – 15%

When we asked what you thought of colour services being offered in barbershops…

@witchfades said: “If you can do. Extra service. Extra income. New clients. Makes your day more fun.”

@shortiesbarber shared: “Prefer clients have the choice of a full service in one location.”

@ianharrold1 added: “If they have the correct education, GO FOR IT.”

@boardroombarbers said they find it to be “A very popular service.”

@wayne_burnssalons_ commented: “Just another string to your bow.”


Do you get requests for freestyle designs? 

  • Yes, a lot – 22%
  • Yes, a few – 36%
  • No – 42%


Do you attend in-person barbering events?

  • Yes – 82%
  • No – 18%

Lots of you said that one of the main reasons you like to attend in-person barbering events is because of the networking opportunities, while getting inspiration and checking out new techniques was also a common response.


Do you employ apprentices?

  • Yes – 42%
  • No – 58%


Do you have a dedicated social media manager? 

  • Yes – 17%
  • No (It’s managed by myself or a team member) – 83%

@ianharrold1 shared: “A pro to running your own social media is that you save on costs versus hiring someone, however a con would be that it is tricky to be consistent.”

@shortiesbarber added: “It’s trick to apply the time needed when I’m busy behind the chair.”

@witchfades agreed: “Doing it yourself can be time consuming,” but helpfully shared, “The new scheduling features on Instagram are helping though.”


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