Everything You Need To Know About The French Crop

Published 26th Jul 2023 by Sian Jones
The French crop, also known as the Caesar cut, has been around for a long time and recently saw a resurgence thanks to the Peaky Blinders fashion trend that swept the nation after Tommy Shelby hit our screens.

This is versatile cut suits both poker straight and wavy hair, and recently found (even more) fans after Paul Mescal debuted his wavy French crop last year - although he has since moved on to a Modern Barber favourite, the mullet. We spoke to the experts to find out what exactly a French crop is and how to cut it.

So what is a French crop?

"French crop is one of the most popular haircuts that our younger clients request," says Miles Wood-Smith, Master Barber at Murdock London. "It’s a short fade on the sides with enough length on the top to push forward with a fringe. At Murdock London we usually finish with a Sea Salt Spray to create texture and hold in the hair, whilst helping it to keep that natural look."

The key to this style is to understand your client’s head shape according to Ross Charles, owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing. He advises looking closely at your client’s head shape first, before using your clippers. “Look to see if they have any lumps and bumps and assess their hair and head prior to clipping any hair,” he explains. He also suggests ensuring you use all halves and quarters on the graders to get the perfect, seamless blend. This will take more time, however the result will be worth it.

"I would suggest this cut to any one who has a receding hair line, taking the fringe very short to give the illusion of thicker hair," recommends Keri Blue, founder of Human First UK and short hair artist.

How to cut a French crop

Salv Mulé, Salon Director at Academy Salons, talks us through his step-by-step for the perfect French crop:

  1. Firstly, clipper fade from 1.5 down to zero.

  2. Then layer the top and remove the corners, while keeping up the weight.

  3. Make sure to dry the front section of the hair and create a sharp, blunt fringe.

  4. Finally, personalise this style with paste or gel for a wet look. Comb through the wet products, in order to create separation in the hair.

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Sian Jones

Sian Jones

Published 26th Jul 2023

Sian is Editor Modern Barber and Deputy Editor Hairdressers Journal International. She has over ten years’ experience writing for print publications covering Youth & Children, TV & Entertainment and Lifestyle. Sian graduated with a degree in journalism, and whilst studying was nominated for the Guardian Digital Journalist of the Year award in 2011.

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