Modern Barber Trend Report: Spring 2023

Modern Barber Trend Report: Spring 2023

Here at Modern Barber, we want to find out what your clients have been requesting in barbershops, what you really think about the mullet, and whether you think skin fades are here to stay. So, to give you the chance to have your voices heard, we ran a poll on our Instagram account, @modernbarbermag. Read on to find out what your responses revealed about the current barber climate in our new trend report.

Have your clients been…

  • Embracing longer styles – 55%
  • Keeping it short – 45%

For those that said their clients have been keeping it short, skin fades appeared to be one of the most popular cuts.

Are you getting requests for mullets?

  • Yes – 87%
  • No -13%

When we asked what you think of the mullet… responded: “It’s 80% of what I do”

@h.r.barber said: “By far my favourite cut to execute”

@ciaramaddenhair commented: “Suits some people and it’s a change from doing the same cuts all the time”

Are skin fades still dominating? 

  • Yes – 76%
  • No 24%

When we asked if you are a fan of skin fades…

@attentive_jacob said: “Taper fades are taking over”

@mostachospeluqueria commented: “Not anymore, it’s boring now”

Do you offer colour services?

  • Yes – 40%
  • No – 60%

When we asked what you thought of colour services being offered in barbershops…

@kipkhi said: “Great idea as long as you have the time and clientele for it”

@guru_barber shared: “Not enough of it” commented: “Men aren’t willing to pay the price. Many try colour just for fun, so they only want a cheap service”

Do you get requests for freestyle designs? 

  • Yes, a lot – 17%
  • Yes, a few – 47%
  • No – 37%

Do you still get requests for the classics? 

  • Yes, most of our cuts are classic styles – 20%
  • Yes, but not a lot – 71%
  • No – 9%

Looking to share your industry perspective with others? Stay tuned for our Modern Barber Trend Report this summer.

We’re also on the lookout for collections to feature in Modern Barber’s Collection of the Month. Check out our previous collections to get an idea of what we’re looking for, and drop us a DM on Instagram to express your interest.

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Feature image credit: American Crew (Attila Can and Andre Luis de Jesus)