Modern Barber Trend Report: Winter 23/24

Modern Barber trend report

For Modern Barber’s latest Trend Report, we decided to ask our followers on Instagram to share the styles their clients have been requesting this winter, and the services they’ve been offering – and here’s what they had to say…

Have your clients been…

  • Embracing longer styles – 82%
  • Keeping it short – 18%


Are you still getting requests for mullets?

  • Yes – 89%
  • No – 11%

Requests for mullets saw a 12% increase compared to our Autumn Trend Report, highlighting the continuing popularity of this cut. Why not check out everything you need to know about the mullet here?


Have you been getting requests for burst fades?

  • Yes – 72%
  • No – 28%

Meanwhile, those getting requests for Burst Fades increased by 13% – but what exactly is the Burst Fade? You can find out here.


What do you get the most requests for?

  • Skin fade – 48%
  • Taper fade – 41%
  • Burst fade – 11%


Do you offer colour services?

  • Yes – 26%
  • No – 52%
  • No, but I’ve been considering it – 22%

Did you hear that Pantone has now announced it’s Colour of the Year for 2024? Here’s how barbers think it might play into hair trends.


Do you employ apprentices?

  • Yes – 42%
  • No – 58%


Do you employ a social media manager?

  • Yes – 8%
  • No – 92%


Have you heard about the #MBAwards2024?

  • Yes – 77%
  • No – 23%

For those who haven’t heard about the Modern Barber Awards, you might want to check out this article, which covers all 11 categories, plus all the important dates you’ll need to know.

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Image credits:

Left: @iamb_cmb
Right: @coreykingcuts