Modern Barber Upskills: A jam-packed programme of events

modern barber upskills

Modern Barber Upskills is set to bring you a programme of live talks and articles to inform, inspire and engage during lockdown 3.0. In a horribly anxious time we hope that arming yourself with fresh knowledge, picking up new skills and engaging with other barbers will go some way to help.

So whether you’re making time for yourself in between childcare, running your business or in between other work we hope you enjoy our Modern Barber Upskills sessions. Do drop us a message on social media if you’d like to see any particular topics covered. We’re all ears. Register on the links below and you can also catch the sessions on Facebook.


Monday 18 January – 10am – Digital Skills Live with Kate Woods (part two) – “Mastering social media advertising

In this digital masterclass, Kate Woods of digital hair and beauty marketing specialist Salondipity, will deliver a full-proof guide to mastering social media advertising. Woods will cover: what Business Manager is and why should you use it, the types of ads to run and the ones you shouldn’t, who can you target and, most importantly, how to do this effectively.

Woods will also cover what all the fuss is about in terms of Facebook pixel as well as do a few quick demonstrations of how Business Manager works.

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Thursday 21 January – 12:30pm – Business Skills Live with Liz McKeon – “How to create a business plan that works”

What’s your biggest goal for 2021? In this session, business consultant Liz McKeon will talk through how to create a business plan that works for you. Irrespective of what happened in 2020, you can’t lose sight of your goals for this year and now is the time to start thinking about them.

As we’re starting the year in lockdown 3.0, it would be easy to lose sight of your vision, but it’s more important than ever to create one and stay focused so you can achieve your goals.

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Thursday 21 January – 2pm – MB Business Live with Natalie Cresswell – “Hygiene 101 – The dos and don’ts of running a safe barbershop (with and without a pandemic!)”

Natalie Cresswell, owner of Cresswell Barber Co will share her thoughts on the standards of hygiene within the industry. A point of pride for the barber boss, she will get passionate about sanitation and shares how the industry can clean up its act, pandemic or no pandemic.

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*The sessions will be streamed LIVE on Modern Barber’s Facebook page and uploaded to IGTV the following day.