Barbers predict this trend in men’s hair thanks to lockdown…

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When it comes to men’s hair trends expect to see longer beards and hair as men embrace the longer styles grown over lockdown, reports Murdock of London.  

London barbershop Murdock Barbers of London have predicted a shift in men’s hair trends, with lockdown inspiring men to experiment with the longer styles they’ve grown out over the last year and many wanting to hold on to the extra length they’ve cultivated.

Since re-opening its doors on the 12 April, the barbershop has noticed a change in attitude towards longer hair and beard styles, with many customers enquiring as to how they can maintain, not get rid-off, their grown-out styles. 

Katherine LeBlanc, head barber at Murdock Soho said: “Throughout this lockdown a lot of men have kept growing out their hair and beards and this is the perfect time for people to try new styles they wouldn’t have tried before. I anticipate longer hair and longer beards sticking around, with more guys now adjusting to a more natural, low-maintenance look. What’s really important is to not actually let the upkeep slip on any longer styles – your barber still has a very important role to play here.”

The grooming brand has offered advice on how to make the most of grown-out styles, ensuring the laid-back look is still appropriate for work and social occasions now the world is opening up. 

Joe Pomper, head barber at Covent Garden/Soho: “No doubt there will be a lot of longer do’s knocking about and I think a lot of people will be ready to explore a lengthier finish. I think the most popular requests will be for neater backs and sides with longer lengths on top, as messy hair over the ears and across necklines are what bug people the most; especially when having gone months without a trim.” 

Those looking to embrace their lockdown locks are turning to certain long-haired celebrities for inspiration, with Adam Driver, Christian Bale and Joe Wicks referenced most by customers looking to try a new style.

In addition to hair appointments to maintain new styles, Murdock Barbers of London recommend at-home treatments to keep hair looking fresh between visits. For men looking to embrace a longer beard, a beard moisturiser will help to improve the condition of your beard hair in addition to the condition of the skin underneath; ensuring the sensitive area is well moisturised. This is ideal for anyone new to the beard growing process as a moisturiser will sooth any irritation or redness experienced.

For those adapting to a longer hair style, Murdock advise to keep it simple and not hair down with too much product. A sea salt spray works with almost every hairstyle, boosting texture and volume to new levels, helping to achieve a no-effort, textured look that suits longer styles.

Have you noticed the trend for longer styles in your shop? Or are people desperate to get back to crops, skin fades and shorter styles?


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