Nomad Barber (Berlin) is OPEN and fully booked

Nomad Barber Berlin

Today is the first day of trade for Nomad Barber Berlin but owner Miguel Gutierrez is still riding the lockdown wave with his London shop. Miguel’s Berlin shop closed a few days ahead of the official shut down on March 22nd. Germany has taken a cautious and planned approach to reopening with rigorous guidelines for businesses. Those guidelines include:

  • No handshake.
  • Client and staff member wears a mask.
  • Staff wear gloves.
  • No beard trims or shaves.
  • Every client is shampooed.
  • Hand sanitizer entering the shop.
  • Disposable capes or a fresh cape between clients that is then laundered on high heat.
  • Avoid direct conversation (talk through the mirror).

Miguel says “We are using every other chair to help with distancing. Our approach is very customer focused, so the guidelines feel a little weird to our barbers. It feels unnatural but they are eager to get back to work. The customers can’t wait. We are fully booked weeks ahead.” Right now Miguel is desperately seeking AFFORDABLE PPE in preparation for reopening London. “It’s mad the prices have shot up. I’m concerned about not just the cost but also the plastic waste and the environmental burden. It’s frustrating trying to make the right decision.”

Hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel for UK barbers soon.