Report: Barbershops outgrowing other retail businesses

Barbershops are outperforming beauty salons, nail bars and health clubs when it comes to opening the most retail stores. The Local Data Company’s Retail and Leisure Trends Report 2017/2018 found that barbershops also outgrew other retail businesses including restaurants, bars, tobacconists, café and tearooms, pizza takeaways, coffee shops and mobile phone stores.  Barbershops not only opened the most stores between 2012 and 2017, but their rates of growth actually increased in 2017.  Aside from tearooms and cafés, all other categories ranked in the top five-year openings saw a slowdown in their rate of growth in 2017.

Position in 2018                         Type of business                         Position in 2017

1                                                    Barbershops                                        2

2                                                    Beauty salons                                      3

3                                                    Tobacconists                                        1

4                                                     Cafés and tearooms                            5

5                                                     Nail salons                                           7

6                                                     Restaurants and bars                          10

7                                                     Coffee shops                                        6

8                                                      Pizza takeaways                                  –

9                                                      Health clubs                                         –

10                                                     Mobile phones                                    8

Hilary Hall, National Hairdressers Federation’s chief executive, said: “While this report provides evidence of the continuing growth and popularity of barbershops it does mean that these businesses face ever-increasing competition in a tough marketplace.  To stay ahead of their competitors, they need to work harder than ever on their brand, on delivering an outstanding client experience, investing in their teams and keeping tight control on costs in order to turn a profit.”

The report can be found here