Tom Chapman launches new podcast on Time to Talk Day

tom chapman podcast

Mental health campaigner, author and founder of Lions Barber Collective, Tom Chapman has released his debut podcast on Time to Talk day (Thursday 4 Feb) to help encourage better and more conversations about mental health.

In this podcast you will be invited to Tom’s virtual barbershop and be able to eaves drop on the conversation between a barber and their client. Due to Tom’s experience, having many important and even life saving conversations in the barber chair he thought that his barber chair would be the perfect place to broadcast from, giving an insight into peoples lives, thoughts and the positive impact that the hair industry can have on those they serve.

This podcast will shine a light on the importance of talking about mental health and will showcase the fact that no matter the walk of life we all have mental health and it can affect anyone at anytime, with the past 12 months being a perfect example of why we need to talk and look out for one another more.

Tom said: “As a barber or hairdresser you become a bit of a social chameleon, adapting to whoever is in your chair while learning so much from people at the same time. It is a pretty privileged position in society and people speak to us about everything! We are part of their journey, sharing the most important parts of their lives, first dates, proposals, weddings, birthdays, job interviews, births and even funerals. I feel like my chair is the perfect place to hold some powerful conversations and for the first time you will be able to listen in too!”

The inaugural episode will feature a conversation with ex-Liverpool and England goalkeeper Chris Kirkland where Tom explores the work that Chris now does supporting mental health, his work with the Liverpool FC Foundation, Chris’ own mental health and even what happened to his Champions League medal!

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