Tom Chapman opens first Lions Barbershop

Lions Barbershop

A non-profit barbershop run by the founder of the life-saving multi-award winning charity, Lions Barber Collective and Tom Chapman has opened.

The shop will help fund free mental health training for hair professionals with the aim to train the entire hair and beauty industry to bridge the gap between the communities they serve and the professionals/organisations that can help those in need.

Although 72% of those who take their life have had no contact with mental health services in the year before they die, they have probably had a haircut. Amazingly, 100% of the profits from this first shop and all to follow will be donated to The Lions Barber Collective in line with their vision of a world free from suicide.

The Lions Barbers is located on London’s Carnaby Street and will sit within the world’s first men’s make up store, War Paint For Men.

Take a tour around the Lions Barbershop below…


Inside the Lions Barbershop

Lions Barbershop

Lions Barbershop


Founder of the Lions Barber Collective, Tom Chapman, was joint awarded the Community Hero Award at the Modern Barber Awards 2021. See the full list of our award-winners here.

In recent news, The Collective Pride Awards from the Lions Barber Collective recently launched and aims to reward beauty, hair and barber professionals who go above and beyond for others are doing amazing things for their local communities,  acknowledging that the industry offers way more than just personal care treatments.