Modern Barber Awards Entries Open

Top tips on entering industry awards

Hard Grind Modern Barber Awards

Entering the Modern Barber Awards 2021 is a great opportunity to get recognition for all your hard work. From national awards such as the Modern Barber Awards to local business community awards, there is so much value in sharing your strengths – both creative and commercial. Here’s our top tips on entering awards to maximise your chances of taking home that trophy.

Choose the category that matches your key strengths. Go for the low hanging fruit. If you have a cracking shop interior and you have the pics to show for it then entering a category like ‘Best Shop Interior sponsored by Takara Belmont‘ is a no-brainer.

Read the criteria carefully, then re-read them and then read again. A sizeable chunk of awards entries miss the mark because they haven’t ticked all the boxes on criteria. If the ‘Best All Round Barber (Photographic)‘ asks for up to six different examples of shop floor work, make sure you don’t send four shots of the same head of hair.

Deliver evidence. Business awards particularly require evidence. The judges can’t judge what you don’t tell them, so the more the merrier. Metrics are great. The numbers never lie, so don’t be shy about sharing what you can. No award would share or publish your actual entry without your permission. Graphs and percentages help to give a snapshot of success. If you were entering ‘Best Business Leader‘ at the Modern Barber Awards for example, you would need some numbers to show business success.

Don’t waffle. Great information well written is better than something that reads like fiction. Make sure you keep to the word count too. The judges are going to be reading a ton of entries so you want yours to have impact.

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Check the submission deadline first! That way you can plan to put your entry together over time and revisit it before you submit. The entry deadline for the Modern Barber Awards is Friday 23 April at 5pm and you can save your entry before submitting.

Check the T&C’s. Don’t get caught out. For example the Modern Barber Awards requires that each entrant works and resides in the UK.

The best part about entering awards is that the process helps you think about all the ways in which your barbering work and barbershop are doing things right. Some much needed positivity in tough times like these.

The Modern Barber Awards close on Friday 23 April at 5pm.