Uppercut Deluxe Team Announce New Ambassador

Charlie Venn has been announced as the latest addition to the Uppercut Deluxe Team.

The Uppercut Deluxe Barber Ambassador Team is made up of the very best barbers from across the globe, and Charlie is the latest passionate barber to join the team.

“Charlie’s passion for the industry is second to none,” said Uppercut Deluxe founder, Steve Purcell. “He first got our attention a few years ago just tagging us in photos, and his raw talent was unmissable. When we first introduced the Collective, Charlie was a no brainer. Since then he has always jumped at everything thrown at him and gone above and beyond for the brand. Charlie is a welcome addition to our team, and I am beyond stoked to have him on board.”

Charlie is well known for his modern classics, cuts that are inspired by classic 40’s style but bought into the 21st century with extra volume, texture and a softer finish.