What Are the Benefits to Barbers of Buying From Wholesalers?

What Are the Benefits of Buying From Wholesalers?

As barbers start to find themselves increasingly catered for at numerous distributors, we look at the benefits of buying from wholesalers.

Before choosing a wholesaler, it’s essential to research and compare options to find one that aligns with your specific needs. Matt Brice, Director at Barber Blades told us they originally launched their business because the demand was clearly there: “The main advantage of buying from a wholesaler is the peace of mind that you have the correct warranty for things like electricals. There are many fake products on sites like Amazon and eBay so you have to be careful who you purchase from.”

Harriet Schofield, Senior Design and Marketing Executive, Salon Supplies also tells us one of the key advantages of purchasing from wholesalers is the availability of a wide range of goods at significantly reduced prices: “The ability to stock up in bulk and have what you need delivered to your door whilst you focus on more important things like running your business.”

Using a wholesaler can offer multiple benefits for both individual barbers and barbershops such as:

  • Cost Savings – Wholesale suppliers often offer products at lower prices when purchased in bulk. This can result in significant cost.
  • Wide Range of Products – Barber wholesalers typically provide access to a diverse selection of products in one place.
  • Bulk Purchasing: Wholesalers usually offer bulk purchasing options, allowing barbers to buy larger quantities of products at once.
  • Convenience: Dealing with one wholesaler for multiple products can be more convenient than sourcing items from various suppliers. It simplifies the ordering process and reduces the time and effort spent on managing multiple accounts.
  • Exclusive Deals and Discounts: Some barber wholesalers offer exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions to their regular customers. “At Barber Blades we offer reward points and free next day delivery on every order,” Matt tells us.
  • Access to Professional Brands: Barber wholesalers have professional products and brands that may not be readily available in retail stores. This allows you to use high-quality tools and products, enhancing the quality of your services.
  • Business Support: Some barber wholesalers offer additional support services, such as product training, marketing materials, and advice on inventory management. This can be particularly valuable for new barbers looking to establish and grow their businesses.

Ultimately, barber wholesalers can be a strategic business decision for barbers and barber shops thanks to the potential cost savings, wider product selection, and additional business support.

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