Tips on buying barbering furniture from Salon Equipment Centre

John Wright is founder and MD of the Salon Equipment Centre in Leicestershire. He?s?been stockpiling wisdom on furniture for 20 years. John says?

Start with the budget ? the numbers never lie and loading your costs at the outset?can put you in a hole before you?ve even opened. Good furniture suppliers can offer?finance deals up to 5 years and monthly payments help cost control.

Buy the best you can afford ? whatever your budget, make sure you get the best?quality you can afford. Visit suppliers and checking the quality, as what looks good in?a picture may not be built well, plus quality lasts.

Take advice on space planning ? the rule of thumb is 4 ft from the centre of the?chair to the centre of the next chair. Good suppliers will help you with your shop?design and don?t start until you know everything that is going to fit into the space or?you?ll end up in a mess.

Make a stand on reputation ? a serious and multi-functional barber chair spied?through the window says something! Use your space and furniture choice to express?the kind of professional you are.

Not every deal is a good deal ? Ebay or private second hand equipment sales can be?a white elephant. You can?t really try before you buy and there is no after service.?Second hand equipment bought from SEC is serviced and refurbished before being?resold and carries a full guarantee. SEC chose to offer part exchange deals, allowing?your old equipment to be replaced with new in your shop at the same time.

NOTE to all barbers: if you are contacting SEC for PART X enquiries mention Modern

Barber for a 5% Part X bonus.