Work, tools, social: Jake Lansley tells us what he likes

MB caught up with Jake Lansley, owner of Jake’s Barber Shop, to chat about what sort of hair he loves to do, the tools he does it with and the social media he uses to shout about it.

The work I love…classic styles. I love side parts and the pompadour. My clients tend to want more modern, textured looks so I get to do a bit of both! The tools I love…I’ve always used Wahl and my clipper set consists of the Senior Hair Clipper and the Magic Clip. The social media I love…is Instagram. I have a personal and a shop account on Instagram, and I use FB a bit too. They’re all linked up.

Jake Lansley’s social media tips: Follow your customers back. Their followers get to see what you’re doing and you reach so many more people. Also tagging customers in your posts is a great idea. We have the West Ham football players in the shop, and each of them have thousands of Insta followers. If tag them and they repost, I potentially reach their 100,000 followers.










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