7 Tips to Boost Barbershop your Business in the New Year

7 Tips to Boost Barbershop your Business in the New Year

The new year can often be a quieter time in the barbershop, when everyone’s wallets are a bit tighter from spending throughout the festive season! Many clients will be feeling the effects of over-styling their hair and with the colder weather causing hair to dry out, they may tempted to book in for a hair reset. Jim Shaw, Director of TONI&GUY Billericay and award-winning men’s hairdresser, shares his expert advice on the products and services you can recommend to your clients to drive retail sales and increase bookings.

1. Haircuts

Haircuts should be the first service you try to promote to clients at the start of the new year. The weather and over-styling can lead to dry, damaged hair and split ends, therefore a haircut is essential to get rid of any split ends, to avoid further damage being done to the hair and to enable it to feel instantly healthier.

2. Hair Treatments

If there’s one time for clients to treat themselves to a hair treatment at the barbershop, it’s in the new year. The harsh weather can strip the moisture from our hair, therefore a hair treatment will work to put that moisture and nourishment back into the hair; whilst also reducing frizz and adding that desirable shine.

3. Hair Glossing

If you offer colour services in your barbershop, then glossing is the perfect service to push in the new year. It’s ideal for clients who love their hair colour, but don’t want to pay for another full head colour straight after Christmas. Hair colour fading can be more common during the winter months due to the hair being more dehydrated, which is why hair glossing is a great way to refresh colour between appointments.

4. Scalp Scrubs

Product build-up and scalp flaking can be common in the winter, which is why using a scalp scrub is essential due to the deeper clean that can be achieved. Talk to your clients about any scalp products you have available in the barbershop and advise them to do this treatment at home once every week/two weeks to keep their scalp, and hair, in optimum condition.

If you’re not already offering retail in your barbershop, here’s how it could benefit you…

5. Moisturising Shampoos and Conditioners

An essential duo that should be offered to all clients in the winter months. Moisturising shampoos and conditioners will provide your clients’ hair with the extra hydration it needs.

6. Heat Protection Sprays

Heat protection should be used all year round, but especially in winter. Always ensure your clients have a heat protection product and that they are using this before any form of heated styling to avoid their hair becoming further dried out and brittle.

7. Skincare Services

If you offer skincare services in your barbershop, you should make a point of discussing these in the winter months when the skin and facial hair could do with a little pick me up. Facials are a great service to offer clients to look after these areas and give them some nourishment, whilst also offering them a relaxing treat where they can come in from the winter weather.