A Cut Above at Off-Cut

Fresha has transformed Off-Cut’s business with seamless online bookings and integrated payment – here’s how…

Created by owner John Jones, Off-Cut’s family of South London barbershops focus on exceptional haircuts and men’s grooming services, delivered with time, care and precision. This has earned them a formidable local reputation. 

As a busy barbershop with a diverse clientele, Off-Cut only offered walk-in appointments before they introduced Fresha’s business software, but this meant clients waited a long time to access their barber services. As Off-Cut Camberwell manager Harry Dye explains: “Before we used Fresha as a booking system we were solely a walk-in shop. We’d sometimes have eight to ten people waiting to get a haircut. The wait time could be an hour plus and people don’t want to wait that long.”

Fresha has helped Off-Cut to streamline their bookings and allow for team breaks. “We have a half-hour blocked out every day when we close the shop. As a walk-in shop, you don’t get that.”

With three shops that are 100% booked every day, Off-Cut’s decision to introduce Fresha was initially driven by the pandemic, as a solution to help manage appointment slots and minimise personal contact. Now Fresha is integral to they day-to-day business management. “Before,  you’d have busy periods and gaps when it would be a little bit quieter.Having a booking system and people choosing their time slot has helped us spread it out across the day.”

Fresha – the #1 booking software

Using appointment reminders and taking clients’ payment details upfront as part of their no-show and late cancellation protection has reduced no-shows, while Fresha payments have simplified life at Off-Cut. “The feature that’s best for us is the integrated payment system. The fact that we take clients’ payment details as they book stops people from not turning up to their appointments. Also, if someone forgets their wallet or their phone and they need to pay, we’ve got their card details all in the system… it’s a very quick and efficient checkout.”

With three locations to manage, another valuable feature is being able to view and manage all bookings from any device. According to Harry: “With Fresha we can see all calendars from one computer. So, if someone phones up the wrong shop or if they want to book or cancel an appointment, we can do that from anywhere!”

Considering how much Off-Cut values reviews to grow their business, they appreciate Fresha’s automatic prompts for clients to rate their experience and leave an online tip. Harry says: “Reviews are definitely a good part of how Fresha gets us business, due to people leaving good reviews. As a barber, tips are a big part of your overall income… and we do get quite a few tips that way. I’d definitely recommend Fresha to other barbers!”

Take the stress out of running your barbershop just like Off-Cut by joining Fresha for free at https://www.fresha.com/for-business