Association of Registered Trichologists Holds 2023 Conference

Published 30th Oct 2023 by PB Admin
Held in London’s exclusive Garden Suite at the Reform Club Pall Mall, more than 35 Association of Registered Trichologists (ART) trichologists and students gathered for the enthralling day. The focus was primarily an academic conference, bringing together experts in various specialist fields.

Founder of ART and renowned trichologist, Brian Plunkett, welcomed the delegates who then fully engaged in the sessions throughout the day. “Online studying has many benefits, but it’s so good when we have the opportunity to get together in such historic surroundings to share knowledge,” he said.

Guest speaker Dr Ben Essex, GP and past member of the ethical committee the BMA, delivered an engaging seminar on the importance of ethical issues in the trichology practice, reinforcing the message to stay within the realms of the profession unless you are medically qualified.

A session on mental first aid with Suzanne Skeet addressed self-image, especially with increasing cases of self-harm trichotillamania - the pulling out of hair.

Dr David Basketter, who is a leading voice of authority globally on toxicology, spoke about toxicology for trichologists, raising awareness on all things chemicals and the need to patch test. There was a special emphasis on medically approved skin testing system, Colourstart, which he praised for its scientific breakthrough.

The final guest speaker, Dr John English, Consultant Dermatologist from Queens University Hospital Nottingham, delivered a session on moles and melanoma, and how trichologists can use their expertise in this field. It was a fascinating insight into those little lesions that suddenly appear on the scalp or face, ears or nose, and what to look for to help those clients.

Breakout sessions between speakers gave delegates scope to deliver questions to the ART Board, proving an invaluable opportunity for everyone involved. The wider topic of the role that trichology plays within orthodox medicine today was another hot topic of the day. Brian commented: “For anyone with a hair or scalp condition, getting an appointment to see a GP or Dermatologist is almost impossible. For anyone who needs specialist hair and scalp advice, trichology has a major role to fill. Trichology is far more than just hair loss, it’s very much based on a holistic approach to nutrition and general well-being.”

A drinks reception, and some time for networking, wrapped up the official proceedings in what was deemed a hugely successful ART conference.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 30th Oct 2023

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