Award Winning Barber Launches District Barbers to Support Community

Modern Barber Awards Finalist and Collective Pride Award Winner, Matt Elliott, has launched a new barber collective, District Barbers, with the aim to provide barbering services to those in need.

“I started cutting hair for homeless people back in 2014 whilst also providing barbering services for autistic children, adults and children with special educational needs, as well as elderly people who couldn’t get out of the house,” Matt explains, adding that although he felt like he was giving back to his community for almost a decade he started to wonder if he could make a bigger impact. “I decided to bring everything I do together under the name District Barbers. “This is going to be a group of barbers dedicated to giving up a little free time, whether that’s weekly or monthly. Any time people can spare to give back and provide someone with a free haircut who really needs it will make a difference.”

Matt tells us that District Barbers is inspired by the work of district nurses who visit patients every day offering help, advice and support. “We will provide services to care home residents, carry out house visits and support those with learning difficulties who can’t cope with the anxiety of a public setting.”

With two barbers already on board to support, Matt is in the process of securing funding that will enable him to carry out DBS checks for more barbers, as well as the relevant insurance to carry out the project. “Currently District Barbers is very small but if we can get barbers from across the UK to sign up we can be a bridge to the barber and those in need in the area.”

For more information and to find out how you can support District Barbers head to their Instagram page and drop Matt a message.