Barbers Give Their Advice To Apprentices Just Starting Out

For Modern Barber’s Apprentice Week, we asked barbers a simple question – what advice would you give to apprentices that are just starting out.

Starting out in barbering can be tough. But being a junior is the step that all established and world renowned barbers took to forge the careers that they have today. Especially with apprenticeships, which come in many different forms nowadays, there’s just some things that will always apply across the board.

Stick at it would be the first thing because you will get there, you will make progress in terms of boosting your skill level and try to see the bigger picture of what you might be able to do in the future, or opportunities that might arise and how you can grasp them and make a career out of them. I never thought I would do this my whole career, so take it seriously because you can make a proper career out of it.

Joe Pomper, Master Barber at Murdock London


Don’t listen to the doubters and negativity, chase your dreams

Mathew Guerin, Educational Consultant and Founder of The Barber Coach TV

I taught myself in a shed in lockdown and I wish I had started a long time ago


Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go perfectly first time, things take practice! Make the most of the quiet days because it doesn’t last for long

James Doyle, Barber at Cresswell Barber Co. 

Don’t settle for basic skills or else you will waste a lot of precious years

Rhiannon Garner-Jones, Barber at Cutting It in Bracebridge Heath

You’re not going to get it for a while, but you will! Absorb all you can, a lot of barbers don’t tend to stick around – be it they don’t fit the shop, or the shop doesn’t fit them – So grab as many neat tips or little tricks as possible.

Jake Murphy, Internal Educator at Ruffians

Soak up every detail from your peers, it’s not just cutting hair, if there’s anything you don’t like you can learn from that too. Get stuck in.

Josh Plumbley, Barber and Stylist at Grizzlys Male Hair Salon