Barbers Predict the Hair Trends to Look out for in 2023

We asked the experts to predict the hair trends we should look out for in 2023. 

From a return to classic, well groomed styles to experimenting with colour, six barbers and stylists give us their thoughts on the year ahead…

Classic and Timeless

“Men’s hair for 2023 is looking back towards classic, timeless styles instead of trend led styles leading the way,” predicts Alex Thaddeus, Owner of Alex Thaddues Hairdressing. “Loose texture, slick back styles and tight fades are three of the biggest styles I think we will see for clients this year. With the tight fades, we can expect men to move away from longer hair,” he explains, adding that that this style can require more maintenance to keep it looking clean, whilst loose textured looks allow barbers to be playful with the shape.”

Kirsty Judge, Rush Hair Colour Team, agrees that 2023 is the year of male grooming, with more diversity and older trends making a modern day comeback. “Taking it back to the 90’s, we will expect to see a lot of bold, structured lines, plenty of definition and stronger shapes. ” Kirsty predicts that we will see ‘strength’ as a trend for client’s hair: “Taking inspiration from architecture and style from the past, we will definitely see ‘strength’ as a trend in mens hair.”

A Splash of Colour

Safy Burton, Safy B Salon, tells us that she is seeing colour trends increasing across barbering: “It’s a joy to see! Over the last few years, clients have been experimenting with colour,
however in the New Year, flashes of colour alongside more subtle colour placements will be a huge trend for clients. For those looking for more creative looks, using vibrant colours such as bold blue and magenta will be the shades of choice and for those opting for something softer, tweed blonde will be used throughout.”

Jim Shaw, Director of TONI&GUY Billericay, is also predicting the popularity of blonde hues in 2023, telling us: “We will continue to see men experiment by adding blonde into their hair via highlights or onto the top section of their hair if they have a tapered/faded haircut for a more statement finish. Ash tones will also remain popular, including ash gray and ash brown.”

For clients who are looking for something more vibrant, Jim agrees with Safy, that red and pink hair shades will be trending in 2023. “Raspberry and deep red will be favoured by clients and can be worn all over the hair or in slices/panels to give any haircut or style an instant trendy finish. We will also see clients being more creative with these hair colours, adding them into the front section of their hair for a quirky finish.” Jim recommends pairing these tones with a signature style, such as the quiff, will instantly give an enhanced, contemporary update for the New Year.

The Mighty Mullet

Don’t call it a comeback! The mullet has been making a comeback for a few years now so it’s safe to say it’s here to stay and according to Ben Vowles, Master Barber, and Bradley Fearn, Head Barber at Murdock London, it’s going to be even more prominent in 2023. “As much as I’d like to say otherwise the mullet (or variations of it) will still be the big one. Hector Bellerin is a prime example; his mullet has evolved from curtains with a little party at the back to full on 80’s hero mullet. He just looks cool, and the mullet works. It will be even bigger and more prominent this year, you won’t be able to turn a corner without seeing one” says Ben. “When thinking about hair trends for 2023 or any year you can never seem to escape the Mullet. It’s always plotting and planning in secret and seems to never go away. It probably won’t be as crazy as we’re seeing coming out of Australia at the moment with the long flowing permed locks. But short sides with a slightly longer back and very natural edges to show off a slightly edgier finish to more unassuming haircuts. We are already seeing this in haircuts on football pitches especially from the South American players in the Premier league and the rest of Europe. Think Gabriel Martinelli.” – Head Barber, Bradley Fearn, Shoreditch.

Pump up the Volume

In terms of cuts, Jim expects to see slicker, voluminous looks: “Overcombs and undercut styles will be two of the most prominent cuts of 2023, which will be styled with the help of waxes and pomades to give the looks a more ‘polished’ appearance.” “The industry has evolved more than any other area of hairdressing in the last three to five years, and the growth, trends and the overall services available is absolutely incredible,” says Darrel Starkey, Taylor’s Hair Studio, adding: “It is nice to see clients making more of an effort with their appearance and becoming their own person once again. For 2023, we will see a lot of men going for more volume throughout their hair, opting for fades along with longer top sections, with creative styling become more of a thing as we move into the New Year. The longer top sections will be about lots of texture and plenty of movement – think a more relaxed and voluminous look.” Darrel also predicts that hair replacement products will increase in popularity in 2023: “These have become extremely popular throughout the last 12-18 months and will be a saving grace for many men out there looking to transform their hair instantly.”

Simon Hill, Owner of SESH Hairdressing, has seen a process of evolution over the past few seasons when it comes to men’s hair, and 2023 is no different: “With an increase in requests for high fades paired with length on top, there is a style to suit all throughout SS23. The classic skin fade can be expected to sit a little higher than we have seen previously and not going down to the skin but sitting a little longer.”

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