Nearly half of barbers feel like ‘unofficial therapists’


Nearly half of barbers and hair professionals (43%) feel like their client’s unofficial therapist all of the time, according to a new survey by booking app Booksy that looked at the mental health of barbers.

The app that connects 13M users to beauty and wellness professionals for appointments, set out to help barbers by designating 19 May, as National Barber Mental Health Awareness Day.

Booksy is shining a light of advocacy and support on the mental health struggles barbers may have and lets them know it’s okay to have an off day, take time for themselves, and talk about their problems, too.

According to the Booksy survey, 44% of hair professionals have a hard time separating themselves from work mentally even when they aren’t behind the chair.

What the survey revealed…

Booksy’s survey of consumers revealed what they shared with their barber and their opinions of them.

What customer’s actually notice:

  • 26% notice their barber frequently seems anxious
  • 27% notice their barber frequently seems stressed
  • 22% notice their barber frequently seems depressed
  • 28% notice their barber frequently seems overworked

Barbers have an important impact on their customers:

  • 53% of people feel more optimistic after a visit to the barber.
  • 37% feel a greater sense of community.
  • 36% feel more confident in social situations

The most popular topics to discuss with a barber:

  • Mental health–36%
  • Physical health–48%
  • Work–65%
  • Personal relationships–48%
  • Sex–29%
  • COVID-19–67%
  • Family–67%

Which professional’s advice people most likely to act on:

  • Barbers–37%
  • Bartenders–29%
  • Personal trainers–34%

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