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Dark Stag announces its first ambassadors

dark stag ambassadors

Barber tool company Dark Stag are proud to introduce barbers Bridey Jo and AJ Rapture as their very first ambassadors.

The British-based manufacturers of barber tools are making a push to offer barbers superior online services to complement their acclaimed equipment. Their strategy starts this month, with the onboarding of two official ambassadors who will be spearheading the company’s online expansion.

With work featured in high-profile publications across the barbering and hairdressing industry, Bridey and AJ truly reflect the modern face of barbering.

On welcoming the pair to the Dark Stag family, founder Andy Wiseman said: “We are very excited to announce, and get started working with, our Dark Stag UK ambassadors AJ Rapture and Bridey Jo. These two great barbering talents are responsible for some impressive work and we can’t wait to share what we do together going forward!”


Meet Bridey Jo and AJ

Bridey runs her own store Bridey Jo Barbers which is based in Wombourne, Wolverhampton. On the news of her appointment she said: “Been keeping this quiet for a while now… I AM SO EXCITED to announce I’m officially part of Dark Stag‘s passionate team! I’ve used their tools since I first started out barbering & I’ve not looked back ever since, so it’s a huge honour to be working with such a growing and trustworthy brand. Buzzing to unlock more creative potential together!”


AJ leads a remarkable team at Hayes’ Rapture Barbers and wrote on his Instagram page about the announcement: “I’m absolutely ecstatic to be part of this amazing brand having already been a fan and user of they’re tools for some time due to their undeniable quality! Dark Stag has integrity and holds true to the heritage of barber tools with a vision to grow and evolve alongside barbers and modern barbering. I am so humbled to have been recognised by them and I am extremely proud to be an ambassador for them!”

MB wishes both AJ and Bridey congratulations on their appointments.

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