Beards to Complement Popular Men’s Hairstyles

Beards to Complement Popular Men's Hairstyles

While many barbers are aware that different hairstyles can complement different face shapes, have you ever stopped to consider how different hairstyles can complement different beards? To help you identify which beards to pair with popular cuts, we asked some experts to share their thoughts…

What Beard Should You Pair with a Mullet?

Mullets have been growing in popularity since 2020, so it’s worth knowing what beards to pair with this trending cut. “The beauty of a mullet is its versatility, and this reflects into coupling one with facial hair,” explains James Berry, barber at THY BARBER. “Plain and simply, big beards are out and moustaches are in right now. A short stubbly beard or anything moustache-heavy are both perfect companions for a rugged mullet and if you’re thinking about being brave, you can also throw on some sideburns for that real old school look.

“Then again, if your client is looking for a more androgynous style, you can play around with a clean shave, but if you can, I would always recommend keeping a shadowy moustache for the balance.”

As for the styles of facial hair to avoid with mullets, James adds: “Unless your clients has the time to make themself look studio ready every day with their mullet hairstyle, I’d recommend staying away from any sharper or edged-up styles on a beard. I just think they can stand out too much and contradict the style.

“When I’m creating a mullet style for my clients, I’m trying to encapsulate the notion that ‘less is more’ and highlight that with the right cut, even messy and un-styled hair can look good, so I like to maintain this natural aesthetic on my clients.”

Image credit: @nathanmgarland

What Beard Should You Pair with a Burst Fade?

With this cut really bursting onto the barbering scene in 2023, popping up all over social media, it’s worthwhile thinking about what styles of facial hair would work well with it. Ricmarc Dela Isla, barber at Supply 91, says: “Choosing the right beard style to complement a burst fade can vary depending on your client’s facial features, head shape and personal style.

“For example, a goatee – which can provide a structured look – complements the burst fade’s stylish charisma. Opting for a longer beard offers dynamic variation; this style creates a nice contrast between a short burst fade and the longer facial hair, creating a refined look.”

Advising on the styles of beards which might not make a great pairing with a burst fade, Ricmarc continues: “There aren’t any strict rules as such, but untamed and overgrown beards might clash with clean and sharp lines of a burst fade. For lighter hair types like blonde, where the fade transition might be less noticeable, try choosing a softer fade with a longer grade; this creates fullness and a subtle transition between length. A softer fade will compliment lighter hair tones, ensuring for a well balanced and natural appearance.”

What Beard Should You Pair with a Pompadour?

A pompadour is a classic look, so knowing what kind of beard will complement this cut is crucial. Charlie Venn, owner of Lucky Sevens Barbershop, shares: “For a classic Pompadour hairstyle, a clean-shaven look or a well-groomed beard works well, maintaining a sleek and polished appearance. Alternatively, a bigger beard can add a bold and more distinctive look.”

Discussing the beard styles he would steer clear of, Charlie adds: “Personally, I would avoid sharp, crisp and harsh lines unless I was going for more of a modern pompadour, where I feel like these shorter sharper beards would complement it well.”