Cutting the Stigma - The Hair Replacements Going Viral

Published 20th Jan 2023 by Josie Jackson
Cutting the Stigma - The Hair Replacements Going Viral
An award-winning Hair Stylist and TikTok star is on a mission to shine the spotlight on the stigma associated with male hair loss and hair replacements.

Novo Cabelo is one of the UKs fastest growing hair replacement companies and the team are quite literally transforming the hair industry with their innovative, non-invasive hair replacement systems.

Voted 7th in the Top 100 Influencers 2022 and Social Stylist of the Year finalist at the British Hairdressing Business Awards 2022, the company has racked up over 24 million TikTok views, 2 million likes and nearly 115k followers for their inspiring hair transformation reveals – with clients travelling from across the world for the treatment.

It’s estimated that in the UK approximately two thirds of men will face male pattern baldness, also called androgenic alopecia. It usually follows a pattern of receding hairline and hair thinning on the crown. Men’s experience of balding can receive less attention in society, be brushed aside and be told it’s the ‘norm’, and at times face jokes and ridicule around the sensitive subject. This in turn effects confidence and self-esteem, with recent research citing that male pattern baldness has been seen as a leading cause of depression in men.

Rob Wood, Director at Novo Cabelo, said: “Hair loss has a big implication on both men and women; however, we do still see a stigma around male balding and towards men who are wanting to change the effects of hair loss through treatment. Male balding can have a detrimental impact on mental health and wellbeing, especially in some of our younger clients. Our social stats speak volumes and the support and demand for our services has exploded over the last year, but there is at times this deep-rooted stigma associated with men wanting to rectify and improve their situation for their own confidence.

“We want to utilise our platforms to normalise hair replacement by telling the stories of clients from different backgrounds and make hair replacement seen as common place for men to have – just like women have hair extensions. With celebrity endorsement and both surgical and non-surgical hair replacements growing across the globe, male balding has seen more airtime – but we feel there is still more to be done. It’s all about choice; some fully embrace their baldness, for others it has a detrimental impact on their self-esteem and self-image. We feel our non-invasive treatments give that choice back and that clients don’t have to accept their ‘lot’ so to speak.

“It's an ongoing concern for men; research has cited the links of hair loss with anxiety and depression, and even a quick google search shows the degree of concerns, with top related searches including ‘hair loss ruined my life’ to ‘how to deal with hair loss mentally’. It really isn’t something that we can brush under the carpet anymore.”

The company recently posted a throwback to their top five hair transformation reveals of 2022, which saw a combined 7.8 million views and over 820k likes.  

Rob added: “2022 has simply been mind-blowing. The transformations have been very emotional to witness, and we love to see the influx of video transformations from our Novo Pro approved and trained salons across the UK. Hair replacements bring back so much confidence – although our biggest audience is currently men, the treatment is equally suitable for female balding and for clients with other types of alopecia.

“It’s a serious topic that we’ll keep highlighting through our platforms. We want the jokes and stigma around male baldness to be silenced and to let men reclaim their confidence through their own choice about how they want to approach hair loss.”

With male hair loss having a big impact on mental health, you might be interested to know that Treatwell has partnered with mental health charity Lions Barber Collective. 
Josie Jackson

Josie Jackson

Published 20th Jan 2023

Josie supports the team with content for the print magazine, website and social media channels at HJ. Having grown up in a salon environment (thanks to her hairdresser mum) and even working as a Saturday girl before getting her degree in English Literature, Josie feels right at home in the industry. Although she’s experimented with a few creative colour looks in the past, she always comes back to blonde, and loves all things hydrating and bond building.

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