Global Barber: Cat Bullach, Germany

Published 23rd May 2024 by Talana Sodiwala

Modern Barber chatted to Cat Bullach of Catherine’s Studio & Barbershop, about her journey into barbering and the steps she’s taking to grow the barbering community in Germany.

How did you get into barbering?

After three years of education as well as three months of masterclasses, I felt it was time for me to open my own shop. I have always preferred working on males as for me personally, it allows me to focus more on precision, attention to detail, and overall creativity.

What or who helped you to perfect the skills you have now?

I learnt so many tricks on social media! It was all about looking and learning online and practising on friends and customers – I’ve never taken a class for fading.

Tell us a bit about the barbering community in Germany?

It’s not as big compared to other countries like the UK and US, however over the past few years, it has started to grow. As barbers, we try to build the community by encouraging more people to become barbers through organising different exhibitions. I am also offering classes for hairdressers who want to learn more about barbering.

What inspires you?

UK barbers are truly an inspiration for me. They combine the core techniques of hairdressing together with traditional barbering which I think is the key to cutting any hairstyle desired by clients. My partner – who is also a barber – is a big inspiration for me. We encourage each other to always try new and different styles and techniques to expand our vision.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to get more into the international barbering community and travel to different countries to inspire and educate. I would like to transition into working more within education rather than just standing behind the chair, and potentially moving on from Germany when the right opportunity arrives. I would also like to work on creating an additional income through my social media.

Will we get to see you in the UK soon?

For now, I have no plans to go to the UK. But as soon as I get the opportunity, be sure that I will not say no!

Talana Sodiwala

Talana Sodiwala

Published 23rd May 2024

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