How To Choose the Perfect Barber Tools for You: Scissors

Published 24th Oct 2023 by PB Admin
Although you probably use scissors more times than you can count (on your spare hand!) in your shop each day, they might not actually fit you correctly. Modern Barber asked the experts to summarise what you should look out for when purchasing scissors, to make sure you are using your barber tools safely and efficiently.

Do Your Scissors Fit your Hands Correctly?

It’s important to note that scissors can be designed differently, including how the user's wrist and fingers will be positioned. “You need to decide whether you prefer offset, semi-offset or straight designs,” Murdock London Master Barber, Ben Vowles, explains. “Then, decide whether you like a fixed finger rest or a straight detachable one.”

You also need to make sure you have a secure grip on your scissors to ensure safety and accuracy. Wez Jones, owner of The Heartbreak Club, summarises: “I like to make sure the scissors fit from the end of my middle finger to the start of my wrist,” going on to say that you should measure the length of the scissor blade against your middle finger and the total size of the scissors against the palm of your hand. Owner of TONI&GUY Billericay, Jim Shaw, focuses on achieving cleaner and seamless lines with the scissor over comb technique, telling us: “If you are doing a lot of the over the comb cutting technique, I think 6.5-7” scissors are most useful.”

Which Blades Should You Use?

Selecting a blade can be difficult, especially as different blades cater to different purposes, such as smoothing or thinning. However, most barbers recommend convex edge blades as an all-round choice. Jim Shaw comments: “Although I like to change up my scissors and blades depending on which look I’m going for, the convex edge scissors always create a clean and precise finish.”

How Should you Maintain your Scissors?

You should always clean your scissors between cuts, Wez Jones tell us that he prefers to use a towel and then re-oils the blade. Ben Vowles points out that you should always try to avoid dropping your blades, “If they land badly on the floor, the blade can chip and completely ruin them.” In addition, it’s important to realise the risks of using common barber tool cleaning products, like rubbing alcohol and solutions, as these can cause corrosion over time. You even need to be careful with using water, Jim Shaw explains: “Always ensure to fully dry your scissors after using water to clean them to avoid rusting.”

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 24th Oct 2023

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