How To Cut a Taper with Charles Rose

How To Cut a Taper with Charles Rose

Charles Rose, Director of Crate Cheshire and STMNT Ambassador, shares his steps to cutting a taper, combining scissor and clipper techniques.

1. Start by washing and conditioning the hair.

2. Begin by point cutting the top of the hair, working from the fringe towards the back to ensure that the fringe remains longer than the rest of the hair at the back.

3. Prepare the hair by applying STMNT Grooming Spray and adding Gel to the top section.

4. Dry the back and sides of the hair.

5. Gradually taper the sides, starting with a grade 2 guard and working your way down through the guard sizes.

6. Using a scissor over comb technique, blend the side taper seamlessly with the sides.

7. Create a disconnected taper at the back by starting with a 2 guard and then working your way down through the guard sizes. This disconnected taper at the back adds texture to the hair, allowing for versatile styling options, such as a messy look or textured comb lines.

8. Blow-dry the top section of the hair in a backward direction using a vent brush. Focus on lifting the brush from the hair’s roots to create volume.

9. Apply a dry clay to the hair and work the product into the hair with your fingertips. Style the top section and sweep the fringe onto the forehead to maintain a flowing, natural look.

10. Use Fibre Pomade to texturise the back of the hair, using a pompadour comb.

11. Finish the look by applying hairspray to set the style in place.

The finished cut…

Click on each image for a closer look.

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