How To Cut a Zero Crop with George Healey

How To Cut a Zero Crop with George Healey

George Healey (aka @thebluntsidebarber) shares his method to cutting a zero crop in ten simple steps. Keep reading to check them out – and don’t forget to give the video a watch to really see the cut in action.


zero crop before

1. After cutting the top to the desired length, de-bulk with the number three guard closed straight off the head and the guide set in with the scissor work.
2. Then, go under the number three with the number two attachment to make a clear canvas for our fade.

3. Use scissors over comb to connect the clipper work to the top using a fast cutting motion and a slow comb for better results.

4. With no guards, set in the number zero line using the clipper fully closed.

5. Under the number two, follow and flick out just underneath with the 1.5 guard closed.

6. Using the number one guard fully open, follow the guide line set in with the number zero.

7. After making sure all the hair has been cut evenly, use the number one just underneath.

8. Now you should be left with a flight line from your number zero, so you can now use the clipper with no guard, fully open to flick out the line and finish the fade.

9. Once all of these steps have been completed you now need to use your mirror to look for any imperfections and go through using the corner of the clipper with different grades to refine your fade.

10. Follow the hair’s natural outline and sharpen it up using the trimmer – this will really help to make the fade stand out.

Watch George’s ten steps to cutting the perfect zero crop here…

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